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Integrity and honesty forms the basis of our service offering.

2 Fresh Concepts

Emphasis on new, fresh concepts, designs and approaches.

3Long Term Relationships

We place a premium on long-term, proactively managed relationships with clients and the value of strong work ethics in support of service rollout to an expanding market.

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About Us

Businesses have a life cycle. They are formed; they grow; and they mature. And, although there is no predetermined end to the life of a business, many businesses ultimately experience a transitional phase through a change in ownership, a divestiture, a merger, an acquisition or a public offering. Such transactions are opportunities to generate enormous value for companies and their owners.

While the current market has proven to be a tougher market than years past it is clear that preparation and value generation from deals has never been more important. It is for this reason that the members of Lohesi Investments CC chose the best strategy against the business’ priorities and to evaluate the exit options available.

After careful consideration it was decided that the divestiture of the non-core services such as Lohesi’s evolving Electronic Services division needed to be realized in a format in line with their mandate. Dawie Hanekom, who originally headed the division, was approached early in 2013 to form a separate entity in which these interests can be vested.

Dawie has been in the web industry since the end of 2003 and have over the years gained a lot of knowledge, experience and respect from his clients.    Furthermore his energy and drive is now channeled through the new venture better known as New Beginnings Web & Marketing Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
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